Ask These 3 Questions to Make the Right College Decision

As the May 1st College Decision Day approaches, high school seniors everywhere are finalizing their plans. The essays have been written, the tours taken, the forms filled out and now it’s time to choose. It’s a momentous and exciting time, but it can be a daunting one as well. Here is what you can do […]

A Verse to Build Your Home Upon

Choosing a verse for your home is akin to deciding on a word at the start of a new year. Once a trend, this one word practice has for many become tradition. Setting this intention helps give a framework to the year and permission to work toward a purpose rather than a strict set of […]

Dear Son, As You Wait to Hear if You’ve Been Accepted

An open letter to my son (and high school seniors everywhere) as you wait to hear back from college admissions… You called us over as you hit submit on the Common App, and then clicked the button again to amuse your dad and I, while confetti danced across your laptop screen. “It’s so different now,” you’ve […]

The Key to Raising Kids Who Keep Their Faith

The story of our family - A Rooted Home

There was this boy in my church growing up who so openly displayed his faith, it was quite admirable to behold. On Good Friday, he would be up on the cross unwavering in his very real portrayal of Jesus’ final moments. On Christmas Eve, he would be in the manger in a protective stance over […]

The Ways Motherhood is Holy

Anytime I changed out of my home team uniform of joggers and a tee and entered a room of professionals, or at least people who wore clothing with buttons, I would tell myself I didn’t need to feel inferior. Yet, somehow I almost always did. It wasn’t necessarily the way they made me feel, it […]

The Story of A Rooted Home

For as far back as I can remember, I have loved all things home. As a child, I remember the way our house smelled of cinnamon in the fall and lilacs in the spring; the I way felt when I walked through the front door and flopped onto the sofa with a loud exhale finding […]

The Best Time to Talk with Your Kids About God

When my boys were little, I always wanted them to associate God with something good and special. I wanted them to notice the beauty in God’s creation round us—the wildflowers growing along the sidewalk, the ladybug spontaneously landing on their arm, even the worms that would dot our driveway after it rained—eww, I know. I […]

What Your Child Needs to Know Without a Doubt if They are Bullied

We don’t talk about…bullying. Whenever I write a post like this one or share our experience, the response I overwhelmingly get is private: a friend pulls me aside, an email or message finds its way to me and in confidence reveals there are dozens more parents and kids they know, suffering in silence. As you […]

The Powerful Win of Emotional Maturity in Sports (and Life)

He came off the court upset, face smeared in blood, dripping red down his arm, wet falling from his eyes. He was frustrated by the indignation—certain of the intention, to hurt him. I helped him remove the shirt under his jersey to sop up the gushing from his nose. “We won’t miss the end of […]