5 Little but Mighty Ways to Speak Love Over Your Family

The water falls gentle over my hands as I clean and pluck grapes off their dried up stick-vines in kitchen sink. I’m thinking about tackling the prep for dinner next when my eyes wander up to the swoop of a cardinal past the window. My grandma used to say this meant a loved one was […]

Dear Son, You’re One of the Good Guys

An open letter to my oldest on his 15th birthday. You turn fifteen today in the near middle of this wild and crazy year,  and there’s this thing I have been meaning to tell you about who you are. I have let fear keep me from saying it because well, you’re only fifteen— God willing, […]

The Grace of Planting in the Dark

My husband came back from an early morning trip to the store for ground meat to form into patties and be devoured within minutes by our crew. We had hamburger buns, but no hamburgers. The care and feeding of boys seems like a puzzle these days—a riddle that keeps shifting each time I get close […]

As We Shelter in Place

If there were an enemy wanting to eliminate our collective good, perhaps he would send a virus that would create worldwide panic, shut down our schools and places of worship, stop us from gathering and joining together. He would expect us to turn on one another and hoard, become overly dependent on technology to soothe us, […]

To the Moms of the Big Hearts, Kind Souls, and World Changers

In these weeks, the re-entry, there can be some turbulence, yes? And not just for the kids. The transition of sending them back to school whether it’s the first time or the last—it can evoke all the same feelings. Those big hearts walking around wide-open exposed. We wonder if we have prepared them well enough. I get […]

A Deeply Rooted Home

The trees we planted in the yard have grown and our boys have followed suit. We don’t notice the changes as much overnight, or even season to season, but a cluster of years tells a different story. Like the pencil marks that tracked each summer stay on my Grandma Marion’s kitchen wall, the visual changes […]