You have been chosen

for this moment with these kids.

You have been given an ordained position in your home. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert on scripture or have a degree in theology.

All you need to begin is God, love, your kitchen table…

and graceful guidance from a mama who has been right where you are.

Beautiful friend, this world will try to tell you many things. And that little, but loud and bossy, voice in your head will try to convince you of all the ways you feel you’re not measuring up. For all of the wonderful gifts motherhood gives, it has this uncanny way of magnifying our faults. It’s why having His truth tucked deep in your heart is the steadfast foundation to lean on in the hard days and every day.

The Marking of A Rooted Home Course

The Making of A Rooted Home Course

When you tune out the world and tune into God, you can discern what works for your family and release what doesn’t. Learn how to turn your kitchen table into a ministry and establish life-giving rhythms and routines for your family. Move in step with God in The Making of A Rooted Home.

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Rooted Mama

Before we can help our people know who they are, we must first believe it for ourselves.  Let the truth of who God created you to be echo louder than anything the world says about you.

I know when a mama’s heart has been filled with the love and truth of Christ, she is an unstoppable force for His kingdom and undeniable voice for His children.

Grace is not beyond you, grace is for you. Always. 

Carry these 10 truth-filled verses in your back pocket to battle the mom guilt.