If you have found me, you are likely in the wildly beautiful days of raising boys.  Maybe you have one little guy, maybe a tribe like me, in any case, I would like to welcome your whole heart here, all of it, as I brave bearing mine.

When I felt the gentle, yet persistent nudge to write about our life raising this crew of boys, I thought deeply about the humbling nature of doing so.  There is no time like when you are writing about the making of extraordinary boys for the lens of the world’s magnifying glass to feel more intense.  We are unfinished works, learning every day from each other.  I often joke that God gives us plenty of material for good storytelling.   And we gain community sharing these stories with friends and fellow boy moms.

My hope is you will feel that here, a camaraderie, an understanding, and a shared vision to talk through our greatest hopes for our sons.  Like raising boys with integrity and empathy, strength and kindness, and the difficult challenges they face.  Enjoying their abundant energy and fostering strong character.  And as we look into their sweet faces promising to do the gloriously noble work of raising them to be the men God created.

We can both celebrate boyhood and raise gentlemen.  

I hope you, friend, will feel cared for here too.  My heart is for changing the patterns and releasing the weight of the baggage we carrying coming into our roles as moms.  From our own childhood, from what the world tells us we should be and do.  I believe we have the ability to be generational story-changers and it all starts at home.

{sign, House of Belonging}