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Walk into 2023 with bold confidence and clear vision.

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This mini-course will help kick those pesky thoughts that keep you feeling stuck to the curb and give you a clearer vision for the home life you desire in 2023. 

Meet Your Graceful Guide

Hello, friend! I’m Michelle and I love empowering moms (like you!) to create holy moments in your home and cultivate sanctuary spaces for your people so you can make a home that serves your family and the Lord. 

As a mom of 5 always hungry teenage boys, our fridge empties fast, laundry piles up quickly, and our schedules often collide. I understand how money and space can be in short supply, and I promise to not waste any of your precious resources!

After years helping moms enjoy their homes and people more fully, I know the resistance to change is in getting stuck, not feeling qualified or having a clear vision of where to begin. I am here to tell you, you have what it takes and you don’t have to go it alone! I will give you what you need to know, keeping in mind the full and busy life you lead. I have been in those same trenches and I have got you, friend! 

Why Now is the Right Time!

Just like there is no such thing as a perfect family, there is no perfect time to make these changes. There will always be something pulling for our attention.

What I do know without a doubt is…

When we set up our homes for success here on earth and in heaven, to serve the Lord and our people, they will be set apart for now and generations to come.

What could be more important, today?