STORY CHANGER.  beauty seeker.  GRACE WRESTLER. crew chief. boy mom. unexpected adventure taker.

Hello! I greet you Midwest-style with the door opened before you make it up the steps and a big hug at the entryway. I smile at the sight of your beautiful self and I want to know how you’re doing, like really doing. Sure I want our conversation to be fun and light, and still I want us to be real and talk about the hard things too. I want you to feel at home here. 

As new friends and all, I would like to tell you I have outgrown some things, but truth is—

I am still the girl whose palms sweat with awkward first time introductions, so let’s skip that! 

I am still the girl who loves to laugh, and likes to jump in deep—I’ll reserve my advice and hear your heart. 

I am still the girl who is loyal and a keeper of the sacred.

I am still a girl, mom, wife, sister, friend, who lives in a houseful of boys and knows how it feels to walk as a woman in this world.

I am still the girl who wrestles big with receiving the abundant grace of God.   

I’m still the girl who will take the adventure and fight fear the whole way.

I’m still the girl who appreciates shenanigans and the magical pull of water.

I’m still the girl who believes we are never too old to change the course of our life’s story.  

I am still the girl who is learning not to reserve her fire, but to use it to light the way for others. 

I am still the girl who wants you to know, as I surrender to this most beautiful and radical truth myself—God delights in you and sister, He is pleased with you.

Welcome friend, I can’t wait to learn more about you. 



Michelle is immersed in a wildly beautiful and unexpected life as mom to a crew of boys. Her oldest son prayed big for a sibling, and God answered big with a set of quadruplets! Overnight they switched to a zone defense and a spilling-over-full life. A life she wouldn’t have known to ask for, but that has felt like coming home all along. She is married to a good guy who likes to build her things and keeps her heart light.  Home with her crew is a sweet town in the far west suburbs of Chicago. When she’s not writing on paper scraps and the back of receipts while waiting in the carpool line, you’ll find a space she’s carved out in the online world at michellekrol.com and on instagram @michellekrolwrites, where she tells the sanctifying story of cultivating a deeply rooted home.

Michelle contributes to Million Praying Moms (formerly The MOB Society) blog and Pray the Word Journal (which comes out quarterly). She has been featured on For Every Mom and treasures her writing community, hope*writers.