I believe we strengthen our roots when we find community, share our stories with each other, and grow in grace, together. 

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Online Courses

The Making of A Rooted Home

Michelle will guide you through practical, physical, and spiritual ways to cultivate your home life with intention in The Making of A Rooted Home. Through sharing simple habits and methods Michelle has honed over years, she will help you find the time, energy, and space to make a home that serves you, your people, and the Lord. Reclaim the holy ground of your home! 

The Marking of A Rooted Home Course

Speaking Engagements

Events (In-Person + Virtual)

Michelle has a true passion for connecting with women, and her genuine approach resonates in the heart. Choose from one of Michelle’s tailored talks (below) or work with Michelle to craft a talk specific to your event.

“Michelle spoke to our group of moms with kindness and compassion. Her love for the moms was evident in the way she prepared and shared, offering them grace not only with her words but with her tone and demeanor. Michelle has a kind and gentle soul that shines through in her work and speaking!”
Kristen S., Director of Women’s Outreach, Chapelstreet Church

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Podcasts & Online Communities

Michelle enjoys being a regular guest on podcasts and in online communities, and always appreciates the opportunity to be a part of these beautiful spaces. She brings a humor and ease to conversations on motherhood, home, grace, friendship, practical tips, faith and more. Michelle finds sharing real-life glimpses helps us all feel more connected.

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Workshops + Retreats

Michelle loves giving women a space to breathe and think in long form, without the multi-tasking and context switching they’re often used to. She also has a heart for helping women overcome the guilt of stepping away for an afternoon or a weekend, and knows how powerful it can be for women to return back to their busy lives with a renewed sense of purpose. Ideas for workshops and retreats include:

“When I think of A Rooted Home, authentic and genuine immediately come to mind. Michelle has created a safe space filled with encouragement, grace, humility, and friendship for those who feel like they may be falling short. Michelle’s ability to speak truth into her stories, inspired permission in myself to breathe a little easier and realize we’re all doing our best as we navigate life. ”

Stephanie G.

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Growing Together

Coaching + Mentoring

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart and sometimes we just need someone who has been there before to tell us not only that it will be okay but why it will all work out. Staying tethered to truth and giving one-on-one guidance in grace is what Michelle offers as she mentors moms and women in their most impactful calling in this world.

“Michelle has created an encouraging and supportive space for moms to grow in their faith and grow their families together in Christ. I love that her messages are soaked in scripture and filled with grace. Her heart and wisdom are evident in all that she creates and shares.”

Sarah K. B.

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The Rooted


Michelle created the Facebook Group, The Rooted Sisterhood, back in 2018 as a safe space to grow deeper in faith and link arms with sisters-in-Christ. Michelle is currently exploring new ways to serve this beautiful group of women in a sanctuary space off social media. Be the first to hear more when you join the Rooted Mama Movement.

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