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Hey Lovely! I’m Michelle, a Midwestern mama of five teen boys, wife to a good and godly man, and founder of A Rooted Home. I am devoted to equipping moms as they build Rooted Homes on the foundation of Christ. You can read more about our mission here.

I am passionate about bringing holiness into our homes and cultivating sanctuary spaces for our people.

About Michelle Krol founder of A Rooted Home

Yes! You can change the world from your kitchen table. How amazing is that?!

I want you to feel at home here. In fact, I hope coming here is like being home, except that you can forget about the dishes in the sink, the texts and emails you need to respond to, and the laundry rolling around in the dryer. I want to give you the safe space to breathe that you give to everyone else.

My heart truly desires to encourage yours. I don’t mean this in a feel-good Hallmark movie kind of way (although I enjoy those too), but I want to be right beside you as you fight for your joy, wrestle with grace, look for beauty and find the holy in the everyday. This takes Kingdom-strength and the ability to live in the here and now, but keep our minds set on the eternal.


You can always count on me to tell you the truth, sister, but I’ll wrap it up in a hug of grace with a square of Ghirardelli chocolate (the one with the caramel inside). But I don’t want to just inspire you and feed you good things, I want to guide you as you explore just what it means to find God in the everyday at your kitchen table with your people. Because I really do believe your home is holy ground. And I believe in playing a long-game legacy, letting some of those little things go to keep the big things going.

I know when a mama and her home are rooted, she is able to help her people navigate this complicated world with the fearless power and love of Christ.

The Marking of A Rooted Home Course

The Making of A Rooted Home Course

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The Story of

Our Family

A Rooted Home is the story of our family—each brick represents a choice we have made to fight for one another, to keep going when it’s hard, and to stay strong in the foundation of our faith. It’s true some of our family’s greatest heartaches have become our most impactful stories to share with others. Sure we could have grown A Rooted Home more quickly, but to stay true to our roots, we had to stay true to our mission, and this means living out our story between our walls before we go preaching it to the world.

We have been through more than our share of life-changing experiences, from childhood cancer to quadruplets. I have written through it all only to find a universal truth—we’re all just hoping to be seen and understood. And from my own experience, I know even with all the joy motherhood brings, it can be isolating and exhausting. This is why I continue writing, to help even just one mom know she not only has a friend who gets it, but a sister in Christ who wants to help her stay tethered to the truth.

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More About Michelle

My life has been full of the unexpected—God hasn’t given me everything I have wanted, but everything I didn’t know I needed. I love being a boy mom, pumpkins of all kinds (even the warty ones!) and being anywhere near the magical pull of water. I appreciate the sun on my face, friends who have my back, and a homemade family dinner. I have learned to take the adventure, even if I fight my fear the whole way (it helps to have a boisterous crew cheering you on). I believe in being open to viewpoints other than my own, and I want to keep learning for as long as I am alive. Home is my favorite place to be, yet anywhere with my people is home.  

I hope I never outgrow how small I find myself under the expansive night sky or how much I feel the weight of what others are feeling. I may live in a houseful of boys (even our sweet pup!), but I know what it’s like to walk as a woman in this world. And I want you to know as I surrender to this most beautiful and radical truth myself—God delights in you and is pleased with you, sweet friend.

Michelle’s Official Bio:

Michelle Krol guides moms in grace to embrace the ministry within the walls of their own homes and across their kitchen tables. She leads a thriving online community of moms engaging their faith and growing the hearts of their families toward Christ. As a writer, speaker and founder of A Rooted Home, Michelle stays grounded by living out her ministry first at home, with her husband and five teenage boys. Her lively crew can be found always cheering her on and encouraging her to chase the joy in unexpected adventures. 

Michelle has been writing online since 2009 and is grateful to have been featured in a number of publications and podcasts.  

You can learn more about working with Michelle here.