home is holy ground

Welcome! I ‘m Michelle . . .

       and I believe the little things we do every day together matter most. 

Yes, even when life blows up and the laundry piles up and all the things keep breaking (please tell me it’s not just my house with five teen boys), it matters that we still make the time to connect with one another. It matters that we keep our faith at the forefront. It matters that we stick to the practices that keep us centered. We understand when we care for our family in this way, we build our life on solid, sacred ground.

I want to help you build a firm foundation for your family to thrive. 

Step Inside

A Rooted Home

Set your home and family apart with these helpful resources.

A Rooted Home Manifesto 

We are building heaven-minded homes. We invite holiness inside. We are cultivating safe spaces of belonging. We make time for intentional connection every day.

We move from a posture of grace.

We believe in the goodness and mercy of second chances. We make time and space to nurture our faith. We plant seeds with every prayer. We trust in a fruitful harvest. 

We know the storms will come, but we remain steadfast in our unwavering foundation.

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