Your home is holy ground

Changing the world begins with the mighty ministry at your kitchen table.

Welcome to A Rooted Home!

Hi there, I’m Michelle , a story-teller with a passion for home and an eye for design. I love empowering moms (like you!) to create holy moments in your home and cultivate sanctuary spaces for your people, so you can make a home that serves your family and the Lord.

Oh Mama, this world can be overwhelming. With the ease of knowing everything at our fingertips, we don’t have to go beyond our own front doors to feel anxious. We want to keep our kids safe, but we can’t keep them all wrapped up in a bubble (and truth is we don’t really want to anyway). We know God has a purpose, a plan, and good things for them, so let’s help them (as we help ourselves) walk confidently into it all, rooted in Him and His love.

I want to help you build a home with an unshakeable foundation and unwavering faith.

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A Rooted Home

Set your home and family apart.

Signature Course

The Making of A Rooted Home

Discover ways to invite holiness into your home through simple habits and practices. Ground your home and people in Christ and grow closer to God and one another.
The Marking of A Rooted Home Course

A Rooted Home Manifesto 

We are building heaven-minded homes. We invite holiness inside. We nourish our children — body, mind, soul and spirit. We are cultivating safe spaces of belonging, gathering and flourishing. Our confidence is unshakeable with God as the source of our strength and keeper of our identity. We know storms will come, but we remain steadfast in our unwavering, faithful foundation.

We move from a posture of grace.

We make time for intentional connection every day. We believe in the goodness and mercy of second chances. We are a sisterhood of mamas planting Kingdom-seeds in holy, homegrown ground. We trust in a fruitful harvest. We are daughters of Christ bravely and faithfully growing our families together. 

We dare to change the world from the humble and mighty platform of our kitchen tables one Rooted Home at a time.

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