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I have tried to be everything, to everyone, all the time.   It’s not that I ever intended to be supermom.   I sincerely attempt to deflect the title when it is given to me from a well-meaning friend or passerby.  I don’t feel very supermom-ish.  

It’s not that I fear failure or am out of sync with my shortcomings, it has more to do with my inherent need to take the weight of the world on my shoulders.  As if I am responsible for all of it.  Not in the haughty sense of when all goes right it’s all me, more in the thought process that when it all goes wrong, I am to blame.

As Brooke says in an introduction to her book, Gospel Centered Mom we  all so desperately want to get this mothering right.  Isn’t that the heart of it?  And for me that looks like trying so hard, attempting, persevering, self-improving, constantly trying to be a better version of me for my children. While inherently it isn’t a bad thing, and my intentions are good, the striving can be exhausting, and the ownership of it all, well it’s not what God asks of us.  He never created me to be everything, He isn’t asking me to be supermom.

It is so beautifully humbling to know really, that I have put this pressure on myself.  And all the stress, heartache, and strain that comes with it can be handed over with the most releasing of all sighs to my Creator.

“Our greatest need isn’t to be reassured that we have what it takes to be great moms. Our greatest need is Jesus.” – Brooke McGlothlin, Gospel Centered Mom

Every day as moms we choose to put someone else before ourselves.  We do this out of love, we do this because it is what it means for us to be moms. It is who we are.  We have the most sacrificial example of love given to us in Jesus, and we can certainly use it to encourage us on in the years we spend loving and serving our families, and yet, we are not Him.

“It isn’t wrong for us to be sure of our worth.  What is wrong is to exalt our worth over His.”  – Brooke McGlothlin, Gospel Centered Mom

I have no need for a cape, I have a desperate need for Jesus.

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