If you have found me, you are likely in the wildly beautiful days of raising boys.  Mama said there would be days like this, and here we are in their midst.  Maybe you have one little guy, maybe a tribe like me, in any case, I would like to welcome your whole heart here, all of it, as I brave bearing mine.

When I felt the gentle, yet persistent nudge to write about our life raising this crew of boys, I thought deeply about the humbling nature of doing so.  There is no time like when you are writing about the making of extraordinary boys for the lens of the world’s magnifying glass to feel more intense.  We are unfinished works, learning every day from each other.  I often joke that God gives us plenty of material for good storytelling.  And I offer my introverted self and dare to reach out when I sense there is a need for a space like this to exhale and say, “me too.”  My hope is you will feel that here.  Even when, especially when, we are talking about the hard things.

Like raising boys with integrity and empathy, strength and kindness, and the difficult challenges they face.  Enjoying their abundant energy and fostering strong character.  And as we look into their sweet faces promising to do the gloriously noble work of raising them to be the men God created.

I am here for you too, sweet mama, as a friend who understands.  As a witness to the days when your head finally hits the pillow, only to soon rise again, and within the brief quiet you lie there exhausted and  count the ways in which you could have done better with the day, the places you feel you fell short. And I just want to whisper to you there that you are so loved and that every ounce you give is noticed even when, especially when, you feel it is less than your standard.  Gratefully, we are only truly measured by Him through the lens of abundant grace.

My heart is for changing the patterns and releasing the weight of the baggage we carrying coming into our roles as moms.  From our own childhood, from what the world tells us we should be and do.  I am a generational story-changer.  We are generational story-changers.  I believe you’ll find a kindred spirit here boy mama.  Welcome sweet friend.