What keeps me up at night is how quickly things change. My boys went from littles to bigs (well bigger anyhow) and there was no notification in between—no alert that told me exactly when or what to do. No What to Expect While You’re Expecting…a teenager.  It just seemed to all happen. Sure there were moments—moving from the boys clothing to mens for my oldest, the last of the firsts for my younger crew, these checkpoints over time adding up to more independence and responsibility. As the saying goes the days were long, but those years, they went quickly.

As our boys get older, the pressure increases— both external and internal. Sometimes the strategies we have used to encourage, lead, correct, and connect aren’t working as well as they used to—we need to grow our game plan as our boys grow. They are changing, becoming more of their individual selves, which is so hard and so fun. Their sense of humor, viewpoints, thoughts, ideas, it can all be so great to witness. Those quirks you saw in their small selves become the things that make them who they are.

Admittedly, we may have a few blind spots to consider as well. Things that were maybe once cute that seem immature—things that didn’t seem concerning now affecting others—things that if allowed to continue will have an impact beyond themselves.

Time to look at our boys as the men they will become. 


There is a wealth of information on raising toddlers and preschoolers, but somehow at that magic third grade year when the shift begins around eight or nine years old, the resources decline.

They want to feel like they can talk to us. Really talk to us.

They need us, but have a harder time expressing it.

They want us to care and they want to be more independent.

To support them, we need to stay close to truth. 


We have everything we need for the long haul.

We have the blueprint of what it means to be a good man in Jesus.  


I hope you’ll join us for a fun, engaging six part series on developing the character of our sons as we walk through what we know about the character of God, made known as man. We don’t have to search or wonder as we know it all through the Good News of Jesus. We will look at how to align our son’s hearts (and first our own) with the heart of God.

The series begins on February 1, 2019.  Consider joining with a friend or small group. Everything will come to your inbox, but it will not be overwhelming.  As part of being subscribed to the series, you will be entered into a fun giveaway when we wrap! This series will not be offered in full for free moving forward, so if it sounds like it’s for you, sign up now!

You can read more about the series, all of the details, and what you will get in participating here.

As a sidenote, you are more than welcome to take part in the series if you are in the stage of littles. There is wisdom in knowing what is ahead and the series is not intimidating or time-consuming.